Netas Wesley Clover Tech Fund

Netas Wesley Clover Tech Fund (NWT), a strategic partnership of Wesley Clover, Netaş, and TRPE Capital, is the first fund of TRPE Venture Partners

Wesley Clover is in the business of building businesses. Wesley Clover has an outstanding and enviable track record as a private equity and investment management firm with active interests in Information and Communication Technologies, Digital Media, Real Estate and Leisure Properties.

Its current ICT technology investments, in both public and private companies, are focused on Cloud and Mobile applications and services. As an angel investor in new technology start-ups, Wesley Clover has developed a unique model that leverages the many decades of experience and knowledge of a veteran management team while creating career and business opportunities for selected college and university graduates as well as experienced professionals.

Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Wesley Clover has offices in the United States, Europe, India, China and Russia where it continues to develop its reputation as a truly world class investment group.

Netas provides innovative end-to-end value added systems integration and technology services in the fields of information and communications technologies (ICT). Its customers range from telco providers to public and private enterprises in domestic and international markets. Netaş’s constant increase in productivity is based on its next generation competencies around technology skillset and expertise. The company holds a track-record of 46 years and continues its foray in the field of information technologies, supported by with its experienced, best of breed research and development department. Netas also plays an important role in the modernization of the Turkish Armed Forces defense communication networks.

Netas charters its vision to become the first company to consult through innovative ICT solutions and establish itself as the opportunity provider to its customers. The company provides a wide array of services to enterprises functioning in various vertical segments, particularly telco providers, finance and general industry. The company nurtures strategic partnerships with global technology giants to provide its customers an insight helps them keep pace with the latest developments in the field of ICT and adopt them more efficiently, and continues to develop software solutions for more than 200 global operator.

The company provides its customers with networking, security, unified communications, virtualization, cloud computing, broadband access, defense technologies, optical and carrier Ethernet, GSM-R, IT integration services, strategic outsourcing and tailored software development solutions.Netaş provides extensive and goal oriented services, ranging from technology consultancy to post-sale assistance for government entities, companies and defense contractors in the Asia-Pacific, CIS and African territories.

TRPE Capital is an independent private equity investment firm focused on investing in growing and innovative companies in Turkey. It believes that the long term potential of Turkey's growth is best captured by Lower Middle and Middle Market Enterprises supported by fundamentally strong demographic trends..

Since 2010, its partners have successfully completed eight transactions as the most active private equity management team investing in SME in Turkey.

TRPE has a complementary team with extensive CEO/CFO/COO level operating and with world-class international and local investment banking experience. It looks to invest in highly innovative and high growth firms in the sectors where the team’s vast investment and operating experience can make an impact. TRPE invests mainly in four sectors:

• Healthcare
• Consumer
• Technology
• Business Services